Annie McRae NC

Specialist in IBS, IBD, SIBO

​                                    Tel 310 310 4889


​​1)  What can I expect on my first visit?

      During your first visit i hear your story along with assessing the health questionnaire that you have already completed. I discover the       root causes of your ailments and draw up an initial eating plan with a customised supplement program. I help you understand what         is going on in your body.  I explain how the foods I recommend can help bring healing and how avoiding  or reducing others will             help you. You go away with a written report for your action plan.  I email you special handouts to help you.

2)  How long are the consultations?

     The initial visit is 60 mins duration. Follow ups are either 30 mins or 60 mins - depending on your need.

​3)  How often do I need to see you?

     The number of follow ups and frequency very much depend on the severity of your ill health, how long you have been suffering              and also how compliant you are with the food and supplement program. The first follow up in usually 3- 4 weeks after your first                appointment.  Then often every month or every 2 months as you progress. We discuss what is best for you. 

4)  Do you do any testing?

      Yes, I offer  functional medicine testing. Please see the page  under "Services" for more details. These tests are a great tool to               discover exactly what is going on in your body, so you can accelerate your journey of wellness. Some of the labs have a                         reduced "insurance price" which brings down the cost significantly. 

5)  Do I need supplements?

     Supplements are literally supplementing your diet and are not a substitute for good healthy eating. Most of us have nutrient                    deficiencies which contribute to our ill health. Supplements help restore health in a number of ways. For example, they correct                deficiencies, correct imbalances, (especially with minerals), help you absorb the food to utilise the nutrients,  help relieve pain,                help get rid of unwanted bugs in your gut, help eliminate constipation, help restore your microbiome (bacteria balance in your gut)          help balance your hormones so you can deal with stress better, help heal your gut  to prevent your condition returning. All this would      either take a long long time to do just with food or more likely you would never reach your optimum health.

6)  Will I have to give up all the foods I like?

     No, this is not usually the case. There will be some foods you need to avoid that you really like, (maybe not forever ) that are                  aggravating your condition. And others that you need to reduce.  This is the cost of gaining health. You are not left with nothing to          eat.  I give you alternatives that can bring healing. We discuss  together how to implement  your eating plan, so it is not an added          stress.  Yes, you need time and energy to put it into practice but then you will reap the rewards with your health and feel much                better. Very often your tastebuds change and you find you do not like or even desire those junk foods or sweet temptations.  

6)  Do you do telephone/Skype consultations?

     Yes, absolutely. I do many telephone and Skype consults. This avoids LA traffic! and also it is convenient for those who live far away      in another state or country or are tool ill to travel.

7)  Do you take insurance?

     I do not take insurance. I provide you with a SuperBill that you can send to your insurance carrier for some reimbursement.                    Remember what you are investing in time, energy and finance can last a lifetime. Also prevention is better that cure. Don't wait until

     your condition worsens before you consult a nutritionist. Every bite of food makes a difference.

8)  What is your payment policy?

     Payment is due at the consultation with check, cash or credit/debit card.