Annie McRae NC

Specialist in IBS, IBD, SIBO

​                                    Tel 310 310 4889

I offer workshops to businesses, local support and social groups, really any group of people who want to improve their health through nutrition. It can be very helpful when you want some new ideas, some guidance to go in the right direction, to get inspired and get motivated.  I always encourage questions throughout my talk as I believe that is a good way to learn. People seem to have many questions that they need answered.  The workshop can be on a particular topic or a basic optimum nutrition talk.


You can also have a telephone and/or Skype consultation with me. This is so convenient for those who do not live in the area, abroad  or are too ill to travel. Even in LA I usually meet you face to face for the first time and then have some follow ups  on the phone (it saves so much time and stress!) I email your report.​

Telephone and Skype Consultations

Once you are on your way to optimal health I ensure you  have a maintenance program with your food  and supplement program. I also have  a special collection of other practitioners that specialise in a variety of modalities that I can refer you to.
I recommend you check in with me about every 6 months or so. We are bombarded with stress and toxins, in particular, that can really cause cell malfunction. It is important that we keep on top of these insults and other factors to our bodies.  As they say "Prevention is better than cure." For example keeping your immune system strong is essential to not only ward off infections, but also to decrease the risk of autoimmune disease and degenerative diseases


We review your progress with your health, your diet and your lifestyle. We go over any test results that we have and make changes and adjustments accordingly. These visits last 30-60 mins. We discuss what frequency of visits is best for you and your health condition. I also offer telephone/Skype follow-ups for convenience.

 Follow-up visits

Having completed your health questionnaire I review your concerns and hear your story. I find out from you what you want to receive from the appointment. We plan your health goals making them realistic, and obtainable yet often challenging. Nutritional Therapy requires your full cooperation to make the agreed changes to your diet and lifestyle (one step at a time). The first appointment lasts one to one and a quarter hours.
I explain what I believe to be the underlying causes of your ill health.  I strategise a plan to correct your nutritional deficiencies, imbalances and toxicity. These are the main causes of cell malfunction which causes illness. I also discuss with you lifestyle factors such as stress, quality of sleep, when to eat, how to eat, as these all play a huge role in your well-being.
I often recommend functional medicine testing. The tests I use  are cutting edge, most accurate and reveal so many key markers in showing exactly what is going on in your body. Most of the labs now take insurance which makes the tests most affordable and excellent value. Different mediums are used depending on what is being assessed.

For your food plan I show you what foods you need to increase and be focusing on. Also what foods you need to either reduce or avoid (giving you the reasons). I describe how you can incorporate these foods into your meals and different ways of eating them.

I recommend a supplement program that accelerates your healing process. Supplements literally supplement your diet and is not a substitute for food. Supplements address your deficiencies, helps you detoxify, helps you to burn the fat, (if you need that) help balance your blood sugar, bring down your inflammation, heal your gut and much much more. Also I recommend high quality brands that your body can absorb and really work.

You go away with an action plan report so you have a clear picture of what to do and the way forward. I also email you any relevant handouts and recipes that would be helpful for you.